About Us

We are the first hotel in Lancashire to have our own spirits distillery!

Our story began during the Covid-19 pandemic when it became apparent that we needed to diversify and create a point of difference.

Our Signature Gin is handcrafted and encompasses 17 regional botanicals which are boiled and infused over 7 days. We have created a very flavoursome and smooth classic London Dry which is used as a base for our flavours.
We are also the proud distillers of the gin for Blackburn Rovers Football Club!
The label on our bottles celebrates the town's heritage and features Darwen Tower which was built in 1898 (same year as the hotel) to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The pattern around the tower is from Oliver Cromwell's lace - Lord Protector 1653 to 1658. The statesman stayed in Whitehall Cottage a short distance from the hotel the night before the Battle of Preston in 1648.